About us


As the human drifts from continent to continent, ideas, art and language accompany these wanderings. And even though the exchange rate of human constructs has increased its speed, there still remains an insatiable desire for the curious to acquaint themselves with things foreign. This one of the underlying currents of Ataraxia Designs, East meets West, poetry and design, the tangible and the imagined...

At different points throughout our daily lives, concepts that expand the mind, that growth in novel directions, ideas that allow individuals to laugh, to share or to give of themselves are not only helpful, but necessary. Hopefully, with what we create this desire becomes a reality.

Awareness and sustainability are two principals that our business is grounded upon. We have begun to use natural materials, clay and Organic Cotton for the majority of our work, keeping the earth, its treasures, and future generations in mind.

We hope that you enjoy our shirts, continue to spread the message, good energy, and the awareness that we are all living beings who share the earth, the water and the air... The better we care for them, the better our surroundings will be.

– Victor Field & Megan Huston